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Textile Technology 

vision :

To produce  globally competitive,   creative,   skillful  and  multi talented  Textile   technologists   to suit  needs of    modern industry  and Society.


  To provide high quality  learning environment  with excellent  infrastructure,  qualified  faculty  and need   based  curriculum.

  To nurture  textile diploma  graduates  to be creative,   efficient,   innovative  and ethical leaders.

  To support  and collaborate  with textile industries  to achieve  sustainable  development  with state  of  art   facilities

  To inculcate  professionalism,  Humanism   and  integrity  for betterment  of the society.

Program Educational  Objectives (PEOs):

PEO1 :Able to  apply  fundamental   textile  technology  in the production  of yarn,   fabric  and  finished  textile  products.

PEO2:  To exhibit  capabilities  to Cater  the needs of  industries,   society  and  to meet  future  challenges  in the field  of textiles.

PEO3:  Able to apply  adequate  technological,   analytical,   logical and  soft skill  to develop sustainable  and  eco friendly  processes,  products  and services.

PEO4:Able to practice   textile  profession  with  high regard  to  societal  needs,   diversity  and    ethical  responsibility.

 Program  Specific  Outcomes  (PSOs):

PSO1 : Apply the knowledge  of basic science  and Textile technology  fundamentals   for  process  Optimisation,   cost  analysis,   productivity  improvement,   solutions to  ecological   issues  and  product  development  in textile  and  related   fields.

PSO2:  To explore  ways   for  expanding  Horizons  of textile  applications  in other  disciplines  by means  of new  product  developments  to  suit   specific  needs

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