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Catering individual creativity to the world of fashion, to encourage the entrepreneurship with the aim of creating employment.



  • To empower students to have satisfying and successful career in Fashion Industry.

  • To equip students with basic knowledge of Fashion Industry which would in turn help them pursue higher education.

  • To empower student with ample knowledge to set up new start-ups or self –help groups.

  • To encourage entrepreneurial skills and technical knowledge for National and International Fashion centers and Apparel Industry.


  1. Apparel Design & Fabrication Technology students will contribute to the Apparel Industry as Designer, Merchandiser, CAD designers, CAD pattern makers, Textile Designers, Knitwear and Quality controllers.

  2. Diploma holders will pursue lifelong learning process as a means of enhancing the knowledge base and skills competence to contribute to the improvement of their profession and community.

  3. Diploma holders will be committed to the improvement of the Business communities while maintaining high professional ethical standards.


PROGRAM OUTCOMES (POs):                                          




Apply knowledge of Basic Designing, Pattern Making and Apparel construction for Fashion Industry.


PROBLEM ANALYSIS: Identify target consumers, study economic conditions, standard of living and Design the garments as per their need.


DESIGN/ DEVELOPMENTS OF SOLUTIONS: Specify and Design the style for advanced garments, analyses and evaluate methodology and create Mass & High Fashion Garments.


MODERN TOOLS, EXPERIMENTATION AND TESTING: Select advanced industrial sewing machine, CAD software’s, Modern cutting techniques needed for modern methods of production.

 BEST PRACTICES FOR SOCIETY, SUSTAINABILITY AND ENVIRONMENT: Work in team using artistic endeavors and environment to achieve project objectives.

 PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Analyze modern management and communicate various apparel construction techniques to complete the project.

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