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The Bapuji Educational Association is one of the oldest and most prestigious educational institutions in karnataka. It came into existence in 1958 with the sole purpose of starting a first grade college in Davangere. It intended to cater to the needs of those who aspired for higher educaiton. All the lovers of higher education volunteered their service whole heartedly in building up this association. Money flowed in as the donors contributed splendidly. Though imparting higher education to the aspirants was the Association's main objective, it gave attention to start a wide range of schools and colleges according to the situational needs and demands.

Today the association has grown to be a big tree, like the banyan,with all its twigs and branches. It runs schools and colleges right from Nursery to Post Graduate Courses, from Diploma to Engineerng, Nursing to Medical. It also runs Pharmacy and Dental Colleges. The left out areas are only Animal Husbandry and Agriculture. There are more than 45 schools and colleges including service facilities, now working under the banner of the Bapuji Educational Association.

Over a period of 47 years, the BEA has given birth to almost identical number of babies, the latest one being the SS Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Hospital. All these babies, some of which have now become adults and some others old, are hale and hearty. The association has taken every care, at every step to facilitate the smooth growing of all its family members. The evolution of the Bapuji Educational Association has led to the significant growth of Davangere. Many elders, education lovers, philanthropists and donors with their vision and commitment to the cause of service are behind this healthy and prosperous growth of the association.

The most significant of all the personalities responsible for the allround development of this family is Dr. Shamanur Shivashankarappa, the present Hon. Secretary of the association.

Governing Council Members

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