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Electrical & Electronics Engineering


Create globally competent Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technologists to excel their skills in Electrical and Electronics Engineering


  • The mission of the Electrical & Electronics Engineering Program is to benefit the society at large by

  • M1: Provide the environment where industry-oriented education is imparted through systematic teaching and learning process in interaction with industry and alumni.

  • M2: Develop value-based system of education by offering well-balanced programme of instruction.

  • M3: Develop practical experience and giving opportunities for overall personality development.

  • M4: Create life-long learning by enhancing the knowledge base and skills necessary to contribute to the improvement of their profession and community

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs):

PEO1: To excel in Electrical and Electronics Engineering field and apply the knowledge in diverse fields that requires professional skills.

PEO2: To contribute Electrical and Electronics Engineering skills in the field ethically.

PEO3: To promote students, pursue professional development, entrepreneurship and continuing education for their career growth and create enthusiasm for life-long learning.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs):

PSO1: Design and simulate basic electrical and electronic circuits and make use of the measuring instruments in the design of analog and digital circuits

PSO2: Apply principles of mathematics, signals and communication theory to analyze different types of signals and operations on signals.

PSO3: Ability to analyse power systems that efficiently generate, transmit, distribute and utilize electric power.

PSO4: Able to design, develop, analyse, service and maintenance of Modern Electric & Electronics systems and allied interdisciplinary areas using Conventional methods & Modern tools.

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